Тестирование шин разных прозводителей в разных погодных условиях.
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Nokian Truck Tyres Test Event 2012, Ivalo Lapland (in English)

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Safe winter driving requires good winter tyres on both the truck and trailer!

Tune in to see the results from the unique heavy-duty winter test that was arranged by Nokian Tyres, in co-operation with VR Transpoint, the University of Oulu, Liikenneturva, Oulu Vocational College and Kainuu Region Vocational College in Ivalo in March 13-15, 2012.

The tests were driven using two identical vehicle combinations. In the first vehicle combination, the truck was equipped with new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F front winter tyres and Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E winter traction tyres, and the remaining tyres were new, so-called All Season tyres. The other vehicle combination had worn All Season tyres with a pattern depth of about 5 mm all around.


• In ABS braking, the braking distance with worn tyres was, on average, 30 per cent longer. From an initial speed of 70km/h, the residual speed at the moment of impact was about 35 km/h.

• In the acceleration test spanning 70 metres, the vehicle with worn tyres was one truck+trailer length behind at the time when the one equipped with new tyres had already reached the destination.

• The truck with new tyres did not understeer and it featured less lateral movement on the drive axle and the dolly and trailer followed the truck consistently.

• The truck with worn tyres, on the other hand, understeered heavily and its rear end slid laterally. The dolly pushed against the truck, and it was difficult to return the vehicle combination back to the lane.

• It is important to pay attention to all of the vehicle combination's winter tyres, not only those of the truck.

• Good tyres raise the maneuverability of the vehicle combination to a whole new level in comparison with worn tyres and give the driver much more control over braking, acceleration and cornering.

Watch the video and see for yourself the clear difference between the test results of new winter tyres versus worn ones!

For more information and statistical data about truck tyre testing, please contact Nokian Tyres' tyre professionals.

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