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Audi RS 3 vs BMW M135i xDrive

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Владимир Мельников вывел на лед Дмитровского автополигона Audi RS 3 Sportback и BMW M135i xDrive. Какой из горячих хэтчбеков лучше? Подробный материал с результатами испытаний доступен подписчикам нашего сайта: http://autoreview.ru/article/effekt-bo...

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There were 44 Audi RS3 1st generation hatchbacks It’s one of the few cars able to compete with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution sedan on slippery surfaces.

But Evo’s no longer around, and the RS3 is new, and I’m going to call it Audi RS3 Evolution-2.

I’ll explain why..

Driving an RS3, anyone can fell like a rally driver – an old-school racer.

And pull the hatchback along a curve under throttle sliding with almost straight wheels.

That is the way the legendary Audi Quattro S1 moved.

But RS3 is much more amenable You don’t have to be a Walter Roehrl to manage it It’s very easy to enter a slippery turn we turn the steering wheel a little, add throttle, and drag the car....

...solely with gas, lightly fine-tuning its trajectory with the steering wheel It behaves perfectly, which is why I’m comparing it with Evo.

The latter was as easy to handle But there’s a difference: in Evo, all of the above was achieved mechanically.

With the help of intricate differentials, cogwheels; and the car’s behavior in a turn was pretty natural.

Here, on the other hand, the androgynous nature of the all-wheel drive now.

And then reveals itself the torque is distributed by the electronics-controlled clutch.

However, we have to admit that it does its job masterfully Yes, this is a worthwhile representative of the 1st generation RS3, which also did pretty well on slippery surfaces.

But sliding is not its only advantage The Audi is a good option for everyday life as well it has a comfortable cabin, a spacious trunk, and a 367-hp engine.

Yes, this small hatchback is almost as strong as the BMW M5 a couple of generations ago.

Listen to the sound.

And applaud to the gear change: the 7-shift DSG deserves ovations!.

And I’d like to thank the designers for the passive shock absorbers it’s good not to have all those modes like ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’, ‘Sport+’ There’s only one option which is the only right one the RS3 is solid enough on a race track but your soul won’t be shaken out even on Moscow roads, where asphalt comes off as the snow melts down.

Are there any drawbacks? At a first glance – none However, if you look a little closer... Let me show you Look. Nice seats, aren’t they? But these massive lateral support bolsters can’t be brought narrower; for a person like me, they are too loose.

I think, when accelerating on tarmac, I am going to recline onto the passenger, or he is going to fall on me..

Well, what if the passenger were a girl? I need to think it over....

But a year ago, I gave the ‘Evolution successor’ title to this very vehicle with the long name – BMW M135i xDrive.

Over the year, the ‘1’ has been restyled, now it has huge rear lights, and the ‘6’’s power has been slightly increased – to 326 hp.

But the main thing is that this car slides just as wonderfully as before, although there are a couple of points to make..

The BMW enters a sliding turn even easier than the Audi, because it starts skidding more sharply as throttle....

...is added up No wonder, since the ‘1’ was designed as a rear-wheel drive car, so the clutch engages its front tires..

This is why it’s so fidgety under throttle The BMW’s engine is as excellent as a year ago the ‘6’ sings beautifully at a low speed and responds even better at medium speed, but the power is sufficient any given moment..

The classic automated gearbox regulates throttle very softly and accurately but what have they done to the electric power steering? Look. When you sent the car sliding... ...it tries to stabilize itself the steering wheel does not remain in the intended position and tries to adjust the skid angle. It can be quite confusing, when entering a corner. As a result, it is not easy to drive the car straight along the curve, it either oversteers or understeers..

The Audi is easier to handle But, if you don’t allow the power steering confuse you and keep turning the steering wheel in the direction you need to be going to, the ‘1’ behaves perfectly..

It’s a worthy Evolution successor But now it has... ...a companion – I’m talking about Audi RS3 Despite the significant difference in torque distribution (Audi was initially a front-wheel drive car) both cars behave in a similar fashion except for the confusing electric power steering. Still, driving the BMW along a winding slippery road is cool. I wish the tires had a better grip....

The second point I want to make is about ride comfort. The BMW has the notorious electronic shock absorbers that operate in the worst tradition of the company’s large vehicles now and again, they stop dampening on big road bumps. They didn’t use to behave like that In general, both the Audi and BMW with the ESP switched off are a real Disobedience Day..

When choosing between them, you should trust your own feelings, not the experts’ grades.

As for me, I feel comfortable in both.

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