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Introducing the new MICHELIN® X® MULTI™ D tire. The next-generation regional drive tire offering first-class tire mileage and excellent scrub resistance with no compromises to traction – guaranteed.

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What do you want from a Regional Drive tire if you're like most fleets you want scrub resistance that's as tough as the city streets traction you can trust in all weather conditions and long lasting mileage without compromising a thing introducing the Michelin X multi D regional drive tire it gives you next-generation traction mileage and scrub resistance guaranteed here's how the Michelin X multi D tire goes the distance in fact it offers 65% more mileage than the Michelin X tems tire even where comes from a tread design that incorporates matrix Iping and abridged open shoulder and the tire scrub resistant rubber ensures high mileage even in the most demanding applications if you want more grip with less slip the. X multi D tire delivers gets up and rolling 80% faster than a leading competitor in all kinds of weather full.

Depth matrix Iping goes all the way to a teardrop groove so as the tire wears there's no loss of biting grip saiping technology also opens to a tread groove once it's worn to help with additional water evacuation and traction.

The X multi D tire is also designed with a pass-through open shoulder this allows quick evacuation of material from beneath the tread surface area water.

Evacuation has been achieved repeatedly by the X multi D the result is excellent traction so fleets can get the job done.

Increased casing life comes from cooler running rubber at the belts this minimizes heat buildup for durability that lasts you deserve-- next generation regional drive tire technology that comes with the Michelin X multi D tire technology that gives you outstanding tire mileage superior traction and excellent scrub resistance without compromise now you can navigate city to city and keep working hard guaranteed

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