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Вот что МОЖЕТ LEXUS LX против TOYOTA LC 200 , PRADO 150 , FJ CRUISER , PRADO 120

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Все видео пользователя: Менеджер Антон.

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Toyota Prado 150

Toyota Prado 120

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Lexus LX 450D

Toyota FJ Cruiser

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I see some people have come from Voronezh by Lexus, 350 horse forced dizel How many times has it pulled my car today? And my dream hesitated really And I think that G-class that costs 12 000 it is.... expensive and I m like a child You should feel comfort in car 200 km by G-class it s rough But if you visit Avito avto, you can see.... Lexus... 6 900 000 -5 000 000 from my dream Hello, my friends! We ve organised a littlecompetition between Japanese offroad cars Land Cruiser 200, Lexus LX Also my Land Cruiser Prado and MJ Cruiser Land Cruiser 80, 120th Land Cruisers and... what is it? underworked.... Donator was 4th Pajero dizel.

What I can see! So, our goal is... by our ofroad cars we ll drive and will compare them to this monster. And I think monster ll be the looser.

Who will be the 1 st? Everybody came to be the 1 st Little Mirtsubishi Pajero No car that is cooler of course. Let s go!.

0, 5 km... to move Do you remember our last spring race?.

Let s go everybody! I ve made new pannel, but the client rejected. Some sensors... it hasn t been here before.

Something went wrong. Bumper.... you... Forgotten to turn differential lock Denis, you are making these respective people be late! You should have let these cars drive And you in your car which is city-car... You d known that you wouldn t challenge! Please, say sorry to these people..

I m recording so interesting video..

Let Land Cruiser Prado be pulled. And be lost in the forest..

Subscribes enjoy observing Mercedes G-class Something like G-class.

Not so far..

When you re looking at the car moving on underpumped wheels.

When will we drive Supra-offroad? With this support... even now Did you like the 1 st experiment? Yes!.

Pull constantly! Do!.

Pull it!... To the forest!.


Major was let down again Denise s car is being pulled. LC 200 Like LX, but suspension is differrent.

What a waste of time was!.

We re going to the detached-house s area. We ve never been there in the winter. All Land Cruisers 2 the 3 d is over there And Den s car is still being pulled..

Have started moving their bodies. Had been stucked. We need to rescue everyone and then urgently go to the detached-house..

The new is being pulled by the old! A couple consisting of Cruiser And Nissan Lexus was stucked too. By it s own. 200s is fighting Someone said that 200s would have won We d better compare it with Mers G.

It s obvious that Nissan dominates, isn t it? 35s wheels.

Are you taking photos of usual guys?.

Pay your attention. The best guys!.

We ll come to you after 2 weeks..

How many times has it saved me?.

I drivie very quickly. How much have I saved? It has GPS. And it observes the nearest cameras.

And 2 in one... Anti rodar video registr..and GPS also It really helped me save my money. half of my budget And while I wasa enjoying photos saved on flash card They were in HD quality! Sim card is put also. And it automatically downloads and is updated Whereever I am I know that I m with these rodars which I had to take with me at those times Now it does everything by itself I m not concerned about anything. I have always fresh and new information. If you want to save your money too by having such a thing in your car, See the hyperlink given in the description..

Have changed our location Arrived to Novosadovaya. Denis is the last as usual Other people have altready arrived Have been waiting for him 3 hours!.

He had been cutting down trees, snowing away.

Pasha, lay down, please!).

It was allowed after new year to pick it up Let me put it inside. The car is shorter..

It s just because of wheel. Left front one..

Right front is not spinning..

In this situation... if you re in this village so little cars are able to move Suzuki IO but these monsters they loose it s track and can t move.

Lyokh... Your favourite car - your dream. 2nyears ago I really desired it..

Not passing needed track..

These cars are expesive on Avito.ru 10-20 years old 1 200 000-1300000 1 500 000...rub.

Lyokha, are you let down? 1 st time is not a result. Turn on every lamp you have..

How much is it? 1, 3 2006 or 2007?.

Visited autowash service. What high pressure has done? No carpets... Doors... look!.

I desire this car G class is not for me! Normal..

It stopped working even on the 105 th Cruiser..

80 th moves on well, 150 does too. Roman, please, make for us new track.

Cruiser s down(.

Kapustin is dreaming of 105 th Cruiser Every day surfs the net on Avito Similar to my Prado The same base they have. but I don t like that car, really. I see some people have come from Voronezh by Lexus, 350 horse forced dizel How many times has it pulled my car today? And my dream hesitated And I think that G-class that costs 12 000 it is.... expensive and I m like a child You should feel comfort in car 200 km by G-class it s rough But if you visit Avito avto, you can see.... Lexus...6 900 000.

-5 000 000 from my dream I would buy new Cruiser and new Prado old Prado. So, you d better write in comments What is better..... LX or Mercedes G?.

You d better visit Avito avto There are a lot of cars with low mileage I didn t record it..

What s happened?.

The 2 d track for moving down is ready. no, thanks....

Vice a versa.

Lexus is better, anyway!.

Anyway. Would you recommend to buy? Mercedes G is better, isn t it? yeah....

Like Japanese Hammer Fan Cruiser ohh. no... Mego Cruiser 3 in front of window 3 too.

Like on the 3 d Hammer.

There is factory tunning 18 inches if I m not mistaken with so big wheels.

Our channel began with banner Yours has begun super-ban Would you buy something suitable for us? I d better to sell the old one. And then buy powerful car. And punish that person who can t move. But if everything is OK, you ll see new cool car not these left or right handed All things considered, Toyota Land Cruiser is excellent car Moves on well, the minus is-it s very heavy Lexus LX I don t know... It damaged my kid s dream....

And dream about that I want another car After I saw this 350 horse forced dizel comparing to my 170 donkey forced it s something FJ Cruiser is excellent really The base is similar to Prado s One thing that driver wasn t much experienced And the best offroadcar for today is Toyota Land Cruiser 150 no front bumper it will become a tank if you just underpump it.

So, you understand, this video is being seen by guys who are on the background I wanted to say him Hello! And be delighted with them! They are from Voronezh. It s Saturday.. we met at 11 o clock. they arrived in order to make you see a difference between these cars And I forgot to say about one car from another city legend - new Nissan Patrol legend offroad the same level with Land Cruiser 80 th Patrol Romin was also there.

Driver is experienced and car is cool Roma is on the high And we ll record another part where 100 th Cruiser and Nissan Patrol will be 80 th and other cars legend offroad cars Who will win? It s interesting... Think you ll like it When will be the next video? to be continued

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